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PoochItSu™(Under 25lbs.)

Dog Obedience, Exercise And Fun For Dogs Under 25lbs. 


KaRuffTe™ (Obedience & Exercise)

Dog Obedience & Exercise. For Improved Fitness & behavior. 


PupKiDo™ (Puppy Class)

Puppy Training For Manners, Socialization, Confidence, Desensitization & Physical Activity. 


KravMuttGa™(Focus & Self-Control)

Dog Training For Dog Easily Distracted & Need Better Focus & Self Control. 


AikiFido™ (Distance & Distraction)

Advanced Obedience For a Desired Behavior Regardless of Distance or Distraction. 


WoofShu™ (Private Lessons)

Private Lesson Training For Unique and Specific Behavioral Problems. 


KemPooch™ (Command Sequences)

Advanced Dog Training For Multiple Obedience Commands of 20, 30, 40 or more. 


OtoriFido™ (Lure Coursing)

Obedience & Recall while simulating the unpredictability of chasing live prey!


Dog Agility Training, Injury Prevention And Advanced Physical Conditioning.


K9 TreadSpin™ (Spin Style Treadmill Class)

Treadmill Conditioning And Advanced Coordination For Your Dog. 



Disc Dog Training, Injury Prevention And Advanced Physical Conditioning. 

NinShihTzu™ (Trick Training)

The Most Amazing Trick Training For a Fun way to Better Behavior. 


Fido Tsunahiki™ (Tug & Drive Building)

Tug Class For Drive Building, Exercise, And Improved Behavior.


Mixed Martial ARFS™ 

Martial ARFS classes that incorporate workouts for both dogs and owners.


K9 Kohdo™ 

Scent Discrimination And Tracking.



Physical Activity For And Senior, Arthritic, Obese or Physical Limited Dogs.

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