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The Martial ARFS® For Indoor Dog Treadmill Fitness

One of our most innovative dog training class and activity options are our canine treadmills. Your dog can enjoy private sessions on the treadmill or join our exclusive treadmill class for dogs, K9 TreadSpin. No matter what you choose, both you and your dog can partake in fun-filled activities in a safe and comfortable environment.

The one-of-a-kind K9 TreadSpin™ class at The Martial ARFS dog training facility iss like a human Spin class, but for your dog! Combining pace, time, distance, incline, and more, our K9 TreadSpin goes beyond the typical running or trotting workout.


Each class is packed with exercises that target your dog's hindlimbs, forelimbs, balance, coordination, injury prevention, and core and limb strength. We even incorporate dog obedience training as well! It's the most enjoyable and unique class where your active companion or performance dog can thrive.

Whether you want to help your dog shed pounds, boost strength and cardiovascular fitness, while improving their obedience or simply provide them with a fun activity, you won't find another dog training or fitness center offering a class like this. Join us and discover the incredible benefits of K9 TreadSpin today!

Ready to get started? Schedule a private introductory evaluation for your dog today to keep them healthy, fit, and well-behaved. Click here or call us at 1-516-280-8331.

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