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Long Island Dog Training For Fun Physical & Mental Activity

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Is your dog's current exercise routine not enough to address their weight control, general health, or excess energy? A simple walk may not always cut it. Dog parks offer a great solution to help your dog burn off extra energy and return home tired. However, we understand the frustration when they revert back to the same behavior once rested, or worse, become reactive because they want to play with every dog they see.


Break free from this cycle of annoyance and exhaustion repetition. The Martial ARFS dog training program physical activities offer a range of physical activities to help your dog channel their excess energy, stay in shape, and improve their behavior at the same time. 

In addition to agility and dog sports, we offer a wide range of activities to keep your furry friend entertained and fit. Our swimming sessions not only provide a fun way to burn energy but also help build confidence and reduce separation anxiety.

But that's not all! Our state-of-the-art canine treadmills offer exercise that goes beyond a regular walk, allowing your dog to stay focused and engaged. While they walk, we incorporate obedience cues such as sit, down, stay, and come, ensuring a well-rounded training experience.

And if you're looking for something even more challenging, our canine conditioning equipment offers a unique opportunity to improve obedience skills. Sitting on a stable floor may not offer much, but sitting on an unstable platform requires confidence, balance, and strength.

No other dog training facility offers the variety of physical activities for your dog as The Martial ARFS, all while improving their behavior! Call The Martial ARFS Long Island Dog Training @ 1-516-280-8331 or Sign Up Now for our introductory evaluation!

Fun Fitness & Activity

Guide your dog through a variety of enjoyable exercises inspired by canine sports such as Frisbee, flyball, and agility. While we incorporate basic obedience training into the mix.
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When your dog suffers an injury or trauma, it's crucial to seek medical treatment from a veterinarian. Afterwards we can keep your dog mobile for as long as possible.
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One of our most innovative dog training class and activity options are our canine treadmills.  Join us and discover the incredible benefits of K9 TreadSpin today!
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The Martial ARFS
Heated Indoor Pool
How Do I Know If My Dog Is Getting Enough Exercises?
Long Island's Premier Indoor Dog Swimming Facility. Swim your dog all year around or just in the winter when your pool is closed or it's too cold outside. Oh, and it's heated!
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Dog health and fitness can be tricky. Your dog may seem fit, but then gets winded on the first big hike of the year.
(I Love Dogs Site Article Featuring Martial ARFS Owner Jeris Pugh)
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