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Long Island Dog Agility, Disc Dog, Lure Coursing, Dock Diving

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Discover the ultimate dog sports haven at The Martial ARFS in Carle Place, NY. As the premier dog training facility on Long Island, we a variety of dog sports. From Dog Agility and Dock Diving to Lure Coursing and Disc Dog, we provide endless opportunities for you and your furry friend to have a blast while enhancing their behavior. Join us and witness firsthand how these activities can enhance your dog's focus, obedience, and overall behavior.

Dog Agility, Lure Coursing, and Disc Dog are all about more than just letting your dog have fun. These activities require your dog to follow your lead and instructions. In Dog Agility, your dog must listen to your cues to succeed. In Lure Coursing, they still need to respond to commands like "drop," "come," "sit," and "wait" in order to be rewarded with the "get it" cue they're eagerly waiting for. And while watching a Disc Dog jump and catch a frisbee is thrilling, it's important to remember that Disc Dog training is no different from other obedience classes. We simply use the frisbee as a reward for their hard work.

No other dog training facility offers the variety of dog sport activities of The Martial ARFS! Call The Martial ARFS Long Island Dog Training @ 1-516-280-8331 or Sign Up Now for our introductory evaluation!

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Discover the exciting world of Dog Agility. This is not just a dog sport, it's obedience on the move! Dogs gain improved obedience & behavior through structured physical activity!
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Dock Diving
Nowhere else on Long Island can you experience the ultimate dock diving and jump training. We offer the exclusive opportunity for year round dock diving excitement!
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Lure coursing can be a great outlet for dogs that have a natural instinct to chase. It also helps teach dogs to ignore distractions, like pesky squirrels, & only chase when instructed to do so
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Experience the thrill of Disc Dog. The skills of Frisbee throwing and the athleticism and obedience of dogs makes Disc Dog a fun and rewarding dog obedience training class.
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