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The Martial ARFS® For Puppy Kindergarten Class (PupKiDo™)

Learn essential behavioral commands and prevent long-term behavioral problems in your puppy with our PupKiDo Puppy Kindergarten Class at the Martial ARFS. Our unique program combines behavioral, social, and physical activities to promote the health, confidence, and good behavior of your young pup.

Unlike traditional classes, our PupKiDo focuses on dog-dog and dog-people socialization, desensitization to stimuli, bite inhibition, and creating a daily structure for your pup to become a well-behaved adult dog. Plus, our physical activities are safe for puppies and help prevent injuries.

We also offer the esteemed AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy Program, an exciting incentive program for dog owners who have completed basic training with their puppies. It's a great way to give your puppy a head start on a lifetime of good behavior.

Whether you want a healthy, well-behaved companion or a future canine athlete, our PupKiDo puppy kindergarten classes on Long Island provide an exceptional foundation for your puppy's future.

Schedule a private introductory class for your puppy today by clicking here or calling 1.516.280.8331. Start building a strong foundation for their behavior, temperament, and performance!

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