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The Martial ARFS® Long Island Dog Training For In-Home Private Dog Training

Are you dealing with behavior issues with your pet at home? Why hire two dog trainers when you can come to one facility that does it all? The Martial ARFS Dog Training & Fitness Centers doesn’t just provide dog training lessons in our facility. We can come to you! Whether it's excitement when guests arrive, reactivity or aggression towards delivery personnel, food or furniture guarding, or even issues with family members, we understand the challenges you're facing.

But unlike other in-home trainers who can only offer just that, we offer comprehensive packages that include both in-facility and in-home lessons. The Martial ARFS can address your in-home behavioral issues and provide you with a fantastic facility for your dog to enjoy a variety of activities. You can come to us for an agility lesson, and we can then come to you for a behavior lesson to work with your dog greeting guests when they arrive at you home.


Improving your dog’s behavior and giving them the opportunity to thrive and enjoy life means being able to address behavior issues but also provide fun activities that will improve their behavior and their quality of life.  The Martial ARFS is the only dog training facility on long island that can truly do it all.

Don't let behavior issues ruin your home life. Let The Martial ARFS be your solution. Schedule a private introductory evaluation for you dog in our facility or at you home today. Register Now! Or call us at 1-516-280-8331.

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