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Long Island Dog Training For A Well Behaved Dog In Any Situation

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The Martial ARFS Long Island offers dog training programs for a variety dogs types and training needs. In addition to our agility and canine sports programs we offer everything from basic to advanced dog obedience, dog reactivity training programs, confidence building programs for dogs that are fearful, dog with various anxieties like "stranger danger" or separation anxiety.


We offer family dog interaction when bring home a newborn to a house with a dog or bringing home a dog to a house that already has children. We offer these programs in group classes, one on one private sessions, and in-home training programs as well.

Whether it's in our facility or in your home, no other dog training facility or in home trainer has the ability to offer the obedience and behavior dog training programs as The Martial ARFS!  Call The Martial ARFS Long Island Dog Training @ 1-516-280-8331 or Sign Up Now for our introductory evaluation!

Obedience & Exercise Class
Discover the ultimate combination of dog obedience, fitness, and fun for your dog at The Martial ARFS™ Our dynamic dog training classes offer a thrilling and fast-paced experience
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Focus & Self Control Class
A well-behaved dog who listens anytime, anywhere, that's what we'll help you achieve. No more distractions from other dogs, people, or food, just your dog's undivided attention.
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Private Training Sessions
Struggling with your dog's behavioral issues can be overwhelming. Group classes may exacerbate the problem. We offer private one on one sessions to address these challenges.
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Puppy Kindergarten Class
Our unique Puppy Kindergarten Class combines behavioral, social, and physical activities to promote the health, confidence, and good behavior of your young pup.
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In Home Training Sessions
Are you dealing with behavior issues with your pet at home? Why hire two trainers when you can come to one facility that does it all? We provide in facility and in home dog training!
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Family Dog Interaction Training
We know your dog is like family, so it's crucial to ensure a harmonious and safe environment for everyone when children are involved, whether it's a newborn, toddler, child.
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