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The Martial ARFS® Long Island Dog Training For Positive Interaction Between Your Dog & Child, Toddler or Baby

Way beyond basic Mutt Manners and Family dog training programs The Martial ARFS offers a comprehensive dog training program for child/toddler/baby and dog interaction and safety like no other. Our founder, Jeris Pugh, has firsthand experience as a father and dog owner. He has spoken at elementary schools about dog safety and has been interviewed for various publications. He has successfully prevented common behavioral issues that arise when introducing a newborn or toddler to dogs.


In the US there are more than 2 million children bitten by dogs each year. More than 50% of child dog bite incidents involved the animal being provoked. Children between the ages of 5 and 9 are most likely to be bitten. Approximately 26% of children bit by dogs require emergency trips to the hospital and toddlers suffer a majority of bite wounds to the head and neck.  Most unfortunate, the majority of dog attacks (61%) happen at home or in a familiar place.

We understand that your pets are like family, and it's crucial to ensure a smooth and safe transition for them during these life-changing moments. Our Newborn Preparation program is designed to help all family members, including your beloved pets, welcome a newborn with joy and ease.

However, as your newborn grows into an energetic and adventurous toddler, bringing a dog or puppy into a household with children can be challenging. Without proper training, guidance, and supervision, behavioral problems can escalate and pose a danger. Shockingly, 79% of dog bite victims under the age of 12 are children, with infants under one year old being the most vulnerable group, accounting for 19% of dog bite fatalities.

Just because your dog appears to tolerate your child's enthusiastic and sometimes invasive behavior doesn't mean they truly enjoy it. That's why The Martial ARFS goes beyond Newborn Preparation and offers an extensive baby/toddler and dog interaction and safety program. We are dedicated to ensuring every member of your family, including your furry ones, remains happy, healthy, and well-behaved.

Get peace of mind from programs developed by Jeris Pugh, whose knowledge and expertise have been featured in various articles. Join us at The Martial ARFS and create a harmonious and safe environment for your children and dogs.

The Martial ARFS® & Jeris Pugh Featured Articles


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