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Emma Hearthstone
Training Coordinator
Rachael Quinn
Facility Manager
Ellen Mac
Associate Trainer
Nicole Filardo
Associate Trainer
Yeman Tam
Operations Consultant
Edna Messina
Project Managment

Emma Hearthstone (Training Coordinator)

Emma, a Vermont native with a deep love for nature and animals, developed her passion through hiking trips with her family. Starting with volunteering at a local animal shelter in high school, she later landed her first job at a veterinary hospital.

Her dedication led her to spend a summer volunteering in South Africa at a baboon rehabilitation center. Emma then pursued her education at Stony Brook University, obtaining bachelor's degrees in Anthropology and Human Evolutionary Biology, as well as a master's degree in Ecology.

At Stony Brook, Emma specialized in animal behavior and conservation. She conducted multiple research projects in Madagascar, focusing on primate behavior, including her master's thesis on bamboo lemur behavioral patterns. During her studies, Emma also interned at the Holtsville ecological center, volunteered at a wildlife rehabilitation center, and worked as a veterinary assistant at a preventive care clinic.

It was when Emma came across Martial ARFS that her interests in animal behavior and experience in canine care merged. As a passionate advocate for the ARFS initiatives, Emma supports their efforts to enhance the well-being of pets through sports and activities that nurture physical and mental wellness, while strengthening the bond between dogs and their owners.

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