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Nicole Filardo (Senior Trainer)

Nicole's passion for animals, particularly dogs, has been evident from a young age. Growing up, she had a special bond with her Akita named Kahn, who lived a long and happy life.

In high school, Nicole became a volunteer at a local animal shelter, immersing herself in the world of professional dog care. This hands-on experience allowed her to develop a deeper understanding of working with dogs. Later, she pursued a career as a veterinary assistant at West Hills Animal Hospital. It was during this time that she became acutely aware of the behavioral issues that many dogs exhibit in a clinical setting, and she began contemplating how she could assist in addressing these challenges.

After years of being involved in the medical field, Nicole ultimately discovered her true calling - helping dog owners navigate and overcome the behavioral issues that often arise with their beloved pets. This epiphany led her to shift her focus within the animal industry and join The Martial ARFS. Through dog training, she has found immense fulfillment in witnessing the progress of each dog and the joy in their owners' eyes as they witness their furry friends achieve things they never thought possible.

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