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Yeman Tam (Operations Consultant)

Yeman, a native New Yorker and graduate of CUNY Hunter College with a double major in Sociology and Psychology, has always had a passion for animals. From a young age, she dreamt of becoming a teacher and a veterinarian, and her love for pets was evident with the variety of animals she had, turning her room into a mini petting zoo.

Her journey with animals began at the New York Aquarium, where she worked in the Behavioral Husbandry department, specifically with California Sea Lions. This experience sparked her interest in animal training, leading her to become a dog trainer at Petco. Alongside her work, she attended Animal Behavior College and obtained her CPDT certification.

However, it wasn't until she discovered Martial ARFS that Yeman's enthusiasm reached new heights. Now in her fifth year of employment, she is captivated by the concept and finds fulfillment in teaching classes for dogs and their humans. For Yeman, the true reward lies in strengthening the bond between owners and their furry friends. She firmly believes in the power of positive reinforcement training and takes joy in educating owners about their dogs' psychology and physiology. By providing guidance and support, she aims to help them prioritize and address their pet's needs effectively.

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