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The Martial ARFS® For Dog Agility (JeetKuneFido™) & Dog Agility League Competitions

Discover the exciting world of Dog Agility at The Martial ARFS through our Dog Agility Classes and our Dog Agility League. You and your furry companion can learn not only the techniques to excel in this thrilling sport, but also benefit from our fundamental conditioning principles.


Our unique approach incorporates exercises that closely mimic the actions of Dog Agility, all while ensuring a safe and controlled training routine. By training on unstable surfaces, we help build balance and coordination in your dog, effectively eliminating their fear and hesitation towards Agility equipment. Additionally, this training method helps reduce the risk of injuries commonly associated with Dog Agility. Join us today and witness the transformation in your dog's abilities!


Not only will you strengthen the bond and enhance communication with your dog, but you'll also witness significant improvements in their behavior both on and off the course. Give your energetic pup a thrilling outlet to run, jump, and play while simultaneously cultivating their obedience skills.


Ready to get started? Click here or call 1-516-280-8331 to schedule a private introductory class to your dog started in Dog Agility today! Looking To Compete? Check Out Our Agility League!!!

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