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The Martial ARFS® Dog Fitness For Dog With Injuries, Ailments or Disabilities. (TaiPoochi™)

Recover and Strengthen Your Canine Companion with Martial ARFS Canine Conditioning Classes

When your dog has suffered an injury or trauma, it's crucial to seek medical treatment and rehabilitation from a veterinarian. But what happens when your dog's performance or function is not fully restored? Or if you have a disabled dog that may never fully recover?

That's where Martial ARFS comes in. Our canine conditioning classes pick up where rehabilitation leaves off, or help to keep your disabled dog mobile for as long as possible. We utilize exercises and protocols recommended by our Rehabilitation & Emergency Veterinarian advisor, Eve Pugh DVM, CVA, CCRP, ensuring that your dog receives the best care.

Our state-of-the-art facility boasts a therapeutic, indoor heated pool with a mild current for low resistance high intensity exercise. We also have land treadmills for controlled walking or isolation of hind or forelimbs. Plus, our range of canine conditioning equipment allows us to tailor exercises to strengthen your dog's limbs, joints, or spine.

At Martial ARFS, our goal is to get your sporting dog or canine companion back to their active lifestyle. Whether it's long walks, hikes, or competitions, we'll help you achieve physical balance and strength.

Schedule a private introductory class for your injured or disabled dog today. Call 1-516-280-8331 or click here  to continue your dog's journey to recovery with Martial ARFS.

Please note: The Martial ARFS Dog Training & Fitness Center is not a Veterinary Clinic or Canine Rehabilitation Facility. We do not provide veterinary diagnoses or treatments, and there is no veterinarian on staff at our facility.

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