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The Martial ARFS™ For Senior, Arthritic & Hip Dysplasia Dogs (TaiPoochi™)

Arthritis, hip dysplasia and even luxating patellas can cause pain, weakness, and a sedentary lifestyle in dogs. This often leads to weight gain, which puts even more stress on the already painful joints and worsens the degenerative process of hip dysplasia. To manage these conditions, it is crucial to keep your safely dog active.

The Martial ARFS offers high-intensity, low-impact exercises that are perfect for dogs with arthritis, hip dysplasia or luxating patellas. These exercises provide the benefits of rigorous activity without straining the joints, and they also strengthen the muscles that support the joints. By reducing stress on the joints and improving muscle stability, these exercises can alleviate pain and improve mobility, allowing your beloved furry friend to stay healthy and active as they age.

Schedule a private introductory class for your injured or disabled dog today. Call 1-516-280-8331 or click here to keep your senior dog healthy and active  at The Martial ARFS.

Please note: The Martial ARFS Dog Training & Fitness Center is not a Veterinary Clinic or Canine Rehabilitation Facility. We do not provide veterinary diagnoses or treatments, and there is no veterinarian on staff at our facility.

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