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The Martial ARFS™ For Deaf/Blind Disabled Dogs (TaiPoochi™)

Every dog deserves engaging and stimulating activities to thrive. However, for blind dogs, options are limited. Even typical obedience classes may not be suitable. And for dogs who are both blind and deaf, the opportunities for fun are even scarcer, often reduced to just leash walking.

Unlike traditional obedience classes, our programs go above and beyond to provide dogs with mentally stimulating exercises. Blind and deaf dogs are not left out - our activities help them develop a better understanding of their own bodies in space. This newfound body awareness boosts their confidence and allows them to navigate their surroundings with ease.

Schedule a private introductory class for your injured or disabled dog today. Call 1-516-280-8331 or click here to continue your dog's journey to recovery with Martial ARFS.

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