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The Martial ARFS® For Fun Physical Activity

Experience dog training and fitness like never before! Our classes combine fun physical activities with behavior improvement. Say goodbye to aimless running - our classes are focused on purposeful exercises.

In our classes, you will guide your dog through a variety of safe and enjoyable exercises inspired by competitive canine sports such as Frisbee, flyball, and agility. But that's not all - we also incorporate basic obedience training into the mix.

In addition to learning commands like sit, stay, off, come, down, and leave it, our classes incorporate challenging balance and coordination exercises using specialized equipment and dog agility obstacles. Your dog will not only be better behaved, physically fit, and mentally sharp as well. Our classes are more than just fun - they provide unparalleled training.

Ready to get started? Schedule a private introductory evaluation for your dog today to keep them healthy, fit, and well-behaved. Click here or call us at 1-516-280-8331.

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