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The Martial ARFS® Dog Training Philosophy

Enhance Your Dog's Training Experience with The Martial ARFS: Obedience training alone is no longer the gold standard for a healthy and happy pet. At The Martial ARFS, we believe in incorporating physical activity to not only improve your dog's physical health but also enhance their behavior.

By tapping into your dog's innate drives and desires, we can provide a fun and exciting mental challenge that goes beyond traditional training methods. Just like how a child with AD(H)D can find it difficult to stand still. However getting a child with AD(H)D to stand still while on one leg learning to do a karate kick is easier because the challenge of standing on one leg forces them to engage both mentally and physically so they don’t fall over.


We understand that engaging your dog's mind and body is key. That's why we incorporate activities from agility, canine conditioning and other challenging physical activities, forcing your dog to stay mentally and physically engaged.

Furthermore, we understand the power of motivation. By channeling your dog's desire for treats, we utilize lure reward training to keep them motivated throughout The Martial ARFS exercises. For example, by luring your dog onto an unstable surface, their natural inclination to maintain balance kicks in, leading to a struggle that improves their confidence and fitness over time.

As your dog progresses, we continuously challenge them by introducing new surfaces, movements, and behavioral commands. This allows us to incorporate behavior modification techniques and obedience commands seamlessly into the exercises, helping them develop the desired behaviors.

Don't miss out on the unique and exciting dog training programs offered by The Martial ARFS. Schedule a private introductory session today! Sign Up Now! Or call us at 1.516.280.8331. Discover a whole new level of training for your furry friend!

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