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Jeris Pugh - The Martial ARFS Owner

For almost two decades, Jeris Pugh has dedicated his time to studying canine behavior through a combination of practice, publications, and live seminars. He has learned from renowned experts like Dr. Ian Dunbar and Dr. Lynn Seibert, gaining valuable insights from the field of veterinary behavior.

However, it was Pugh's experiences beyond the world of dogs that ultimately shaped his creation of The Martial ARFS. While teaching martial arts at Tiger Schulmann's MMA Centers, he discovered how to develop behavioral programs based on structure, technique, and discipline.

After years of working with dogs privately and competing in disc dog competitions, Pugh realized that the dog training industry was missing something crucial. He felt the need to create a program that not only improved behavior but also provided an outlet for excess energy and enhanced the dogs' sport performance or active lifestyle.

Drawing from his diverse background, Pugh combined concepts of behavioral improvement with the physical engagement found in disciplined martial arts classes. Thus, The Martial ARFS was born. Recognizing the need for this unique dog training program Pugh opened the first Martial ARFS facility in Carle Place, NY, in 2013.

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