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Get Your Dog's Potential Evaluated at Martial ARFS®

Discover the difference a tailored training program can make for your furry companion. Our Introductory Evaluation is the first step towards understanding your dog's unique abilities and needs.

Is your dog ready for a new challenge?

Martial ARFS™ offers a comprehensive behavioral, agility and conditioning/fitness assessment that provides:

  • Insightful dog obedience and behavior evaluation

  • Agility (or other dog sports) skills and confidence analysis

  • Expert conditioning and fitness assessment


We put your dog through a series of exercises on specialized equipment, observe their behavior, interaction with other dogs, and assess their temperament. This valuable insight lays the foundation for a tailored training program that aligns with their abilities and your goals so we can understand your dog's potential.

It lasts between 20 to 30 minutes, providing a snapshot of where your dog stands and the path they can take towards improved behavior, better conditioning and fitness, or greater skills for agility and dog sports.

Join the numerous satisfied owners who've watched their dogs flourish within our programs.

Book Your Dog's Evaluation Now!

Introductory Evaluation Pricing

Basic Introductory Evaluation = $50

(Dogs interested in classes or privates sessions)

TaiPoochi Pool Evaluation = $60

(Dogs Interested in Pool Sessions)

Injury/Ailment Evaluation = $75

(Dogs with injuries, previous surgeries, severe arthritis, dysplasia etc)**

****Dog with injuries, previous surgeries, severe arthritis, dysplasia must have veterinarian clearance.**** 

Behavior Consult = $75

(Dogs with dog/dog reactivity, fearful, anxiety, etc)

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