The Martial ARFS™ Open Class Schedule

People's busy and fluctuating schedules should not prevent them from taking dog training classes. Most classes at The Martial ARFS™ utilize an open class format. This means you’re not locked into a six week Tuesday night class at 7:30pm. We offer students class cards that can be used at the pace and convenience of individual owners and classes are available to anyone at anytime.


Want to come Monday one week and Tuesday the next? No problem. Called in sick but now want to have some fun with your dog? We won't tell your boss. Come twice this week or everyday. We even offer free classes for those who train more often! So if you've signed up for a particular class, you can come any time or every time that class is offered, which ever works best for you. Take a look at The Martial ARFS @ Carle Place's Class Schedule.


Click here or call us at 1.516.280.8331 to schedule an assessment and take advantage of our open class schedule!