dog performing bow pose on balance discs
The Martial ARFS™ Dog Training Philosophy

Obedience training alone is not enough to have a healthy and happy pet. By incorporating physical activity , we are able to add fun and exciting mental challenges to traditional dog training. You will be able to improve your dog's physical health and their behavior at the same time.

The Martial ARFS works by channeling your dogs innate drives and desires. For example, getting a child with AD(H)D to stand still is extremely difficult. However getting a child with AD(H)D to stand still while on one leg learning to do a karate kick is easier because the challenge of standing on one leg forces them to engage both mentally and physically so they don’t fall over.

Similarly, by channeling your dog's desire for a treat we can incorporate lure reward training to motivate your dog to do the exercises of The Martial ARFS. For example, once we lure your dog onto an unstable surface, their innate desire to maintain their balance will take over and they will struggle to maintain their balance for as long as they can. Your job as their trainer is to help them struggle to maintain their balance for longer and longer periods of time.

As they get better, we make it more and more challenging by changing the surface and/or incorporating movements and behavioral commands. At that point, it is possible to incorporate behavior modification techniques and obedience commands with specific activities and exercises in order to improve or create the behaviors we want all as a part of the exercises you are performing with your dog.


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