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The Martial ARFS™ Upcoming Events

The 4th of July can be an extremely stressful day for our canine companions who do not appreciate the often constant thunderous noise of fireworks. In fact, According to, more dogs run away during the 4th of July than during any other time of the year.


Come to The Martial ARFS July 4th from 5pm-10pm and enjoy an evening of agility, lure coursing, and other activities, games, and music to drown out the barrage of noises outside!


You do not need to be enrolled in classes to attend, but please bring only well socialized pooches, with up to date vaccinations. There will be plenty of treats, snacks & food for both dogs and owners. This wonderful event is just $30!! ***You must pre-register for this event***


Click Here To Register (Under Events Tab) Or Call 1.516.280.8331

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