The Martial ARFS™ For Your Own Business And A Career Of A Lifetime
The Martial ARFS™ Revenue Streams For Today's Dog Training Businesses
Started from scratch, The Martial ARFS has been built from the ground up to service the pet owners of today. At the same time, providing a way for people who love working with dogs to make a living working in just one facility whether they are a hired trainer or the owner of the facility. By providing services for savvy dog owners, utilizing an expert and pleasurable staff, in an environment that’s clean and inviting, the Martial ARFS will become a pet community hub that is unrivaled in your area.

• Dog Training Classes (Licensing Available)

The styles (classes) of The Martial ARFS™ represent the best in Agility, Fitness, Obedience & Disc Dog training at any facility. Each Martial ARFS style incorporates exercises and activities categorized by their effectiveness at achieving the principles of any class. This enables us to create unique and unparalleled dog training classes. Our exceptional curriculum is varied, offers beginning, intermediate and advanced classes to ensure client retention. Clients pay one price and can take any class any day encouraging cross class-enrollment and dogs are only limited by their current ability.


• Private Dog Training (Licensing Available)
Behavior & Agility
As well, everyone wants a well-behaved dog or loves the idea of taking agility lessons with their favorite canine companion. However, some dogs and owners benefit from individual attention, or require a more flexible training schedule. Private training is available at any point a facility is open, offering a convenience and attention not possible in group classes.

Injuries & Ailments
The Martial ARFS is not a canine rehabilitation facility. However, just like a person going to the gym for specifically targeted exercise from a qualified trainer who can help with a variety of old injuries, ailments, or chronic conditions, we too offer the equivalent for our canine companions.

Health & Fitness
With pet obesity at an all-time high, now more than ever people are thinking about the health of their dog prior to them getting sick. In contrast, the average pet owner sees their veterinarian once or twice a year, Martial ARFS clients visit the facility once or twice a week at a minimum. Dogs who have regularly come to The Martial ARFS for weight loss have lost as much as 30lbs or more.

Private training programs generate revenue at a 2 to 1 ratio in comparison to group classes.


• Aquatic Programs (Licensing Available)

A dog taking a swim can be both great exercise and fun and many facilities with pools use them for open swims with multiple dogs or aquatic therapy sessions. However this neglects everything in between. A pool can be used for much more than open swims or therapy sessions. Structured behavior programs, conditioning Dog Agility and other sports, gait training, and boating, kayaking or other open water safety training. The Martial ARFS has aquatic programs for every type of dog and any type of situation.


• Introductory Evaluations

The Martial ARFS introductory evaluations provide a revenue stream most facilities dismiss. Behavior Evaluations, Ailment Evaluations, Pool Evaluations among others, are not only necessarily to maintaining the continuity of the facility programs, but the revenue adds up over days, weeks, and months.


• In Home Training.

The Martial ARFS behavioral programs aim to recreate situations and scenarios to address triggers, redirection and reinforcement of the desired behavior. However, some problems need to be treated at the source. Setting up for a new puppy, establishing boundaries, and/or creating structure. Visiting an owner's home can often add that last piece of the improving behavior puzzle, but is offered for a premium price.


• Video Lessons & Online Add Ons

One of the most difficult challenges of teaching anything is retention. Dog training is no different, and sometimes even more challenging. Clients hear and understand everything you say while they are there, but once home or out with their dog they forget what to do or revert to their old habits. Recorded sessions or online course add ons are just a great way to increase revenue. I t’s almost like having an in-home session at a fraction of the cost. Everybody wins.


• Educational Seminars.

Providing informative seminars on Canine First Aid, Introducing Dogs and Babies, Dog & Family Interaction, Health & Wellness, or Performance Enhancing Conditioning will generate additional income, and achieve a more meaningful connection to existing clients and local dog owners. In addition to Martial ARFS Franchise owners and Staff providing seminars themselves, facilities can offer seminars featuring Veterinary Advisors and other Martial ARFS specialists for premium priced event.


• Birthday & Holiday Parties, Meet Up Rentals.
Popular Holidays
Valentine’s Day, Easter, Halloween, Christmas, Holidays create a great way to reach out to the local community beyond current Martial ARFS clients for both additional revenue, but great publicity as well.

The 4th Of July
Our national holiday sees more dogs go missing that any other time of the year. The Martial ARFS 4th of July Pooch Party provides an insulated environment that protects dogs from the chaos outside, while having the most fun inside. Local news looking to cover pet related July 4th celebrations have showcased our party on several occasions.

Birthday & Adoption Day Celebrations
The Martial ARFS is the ideal facility for hosting dog birthday parties. With fun games, agility, music and everything else you’d expect for a birthday party, pet parents will spare no expense when it comes to celebrating their fur kids.

Meet-up Groups
Breed groups are passionate about their dogs and always searching for new and novel activities. Groups can rent the Martial ARFS for a monthly get-together or holiday event.

Events & Meet ups are a great time to recruit new clients, and sell products and services


• Retail Sales.

Our retail section is 100% in accord with our brand identity – fun, sporty, athletic, organic, and natural. As well, our Partnerships with brands normally only reserved for veterinarians, allows us to carry product lines that you just can’t find outside of a veterinary clinic.

However, what’s most exciting is our future. Although we’ve just begun to offer Martial ARFS branded merchandise, we’ve got so much room to grow. Our brand logos are attractive by themselves, but what better way for clients to show off their support or love of The Martial ARFS then with our own branded pet products. Leashes, collars, treat pouches, travel bags and more. But that’s not all! Dog toys, from custom made tug toys to stuffed plush. Our logos look great as dog toys that dogs will be sure to love