The Martial ARFS™ For Your Own Business And A Career Of A Lifetime
The Martial ARFS™ For The Best A Pet Franchise Can Be (
The Martial ARFS has a franchise fee of $39,000 for a single unit. We have calculated the estimated total franchise cost to require an initial investment of $154,000 at the low end, up to $237,685 at the high end. This total franchise cost is all-inclusive. So not only does it include the franchise fee, but also three months’ rent, leasehold improvements, initial inventory, utilities, signage, equipment (pool, treadmills, agility etc), everything you need to get started.

• In Demand

o 35-40% of US households have at least one dog. That’s about 89 million dogs.
o 54% of dogs are overweight or obese. Yet 81% of pet owners reported their dog a healthy weight. Owners need guidance.
o 98% of veterinary clinic staff agreed that pet obesity was a problem in the U.S.
o Only 49% of owners reported their vet discussed their pet’s ideal weight, yet 60% of veterinary professionals claimed they did.
o Annual Vet visits can’t solve weight issues. We partner with Vet Clinics to help.


• Turn & Burn

o 1 hour group dog training class and 12 hours of daycare are almost identical in price yet you spend a fraction of the time per dog.
o For swim sessions, it’s 15 minutes VS 12 hours of daycare.
o Private training offers twice the revenue from 1 dog in 30 minutes as with 12 hours of daycare for that same dog.
o With just 6 dogs per class, 5 one hour classes could generate the same revenue as 30 dogs in your daycare for 12 hours!
o With added swims and private lessons, you can easily double a day of daycare revenue in less time!


• Helping Hands

o Setting up for class, answering the phone, greeting a client, you will have a constant source of helping hands.
o In addition, because the owner is there with their dog, they’re responsible for their dog at all times.
o Taking a dog out for a potty break is the owner's responsibility. Not the Staff.
o Potty accidents? Not only is there a sanitation fee, cleaning up poop and pee is the owners job as well.
o Legal Liability? Owners are responsible for their dog’s actions, same as they are on the street, in their home, or anywhere else.


• Less Staff, Flexible Hours & Closed when Closed.

o Daycares open before people go to work. In contrast, The Martial ARFS can open at 9, 10, or even 11am.
o Not only can you open four hours later than the average daycare, you only staying open until 8 or 9pm.
o A typical day is 10 hours of business operation. 2 hours less than a typical daycare.
o With limited class size and the owner is always there, many situations can easily be managed by one trainer.
o There aren’t boarding pets to worry about while you’re gone.


• Clients Want To Have Fun

o Visits to Vet clinics and grooming facilities can be stressful and unpleasant. At daycares, dogs get left behind.
o In contrast, The Martial ARFS provides a facility for people who want to enjoy their lives with their pet.
o Clients want to do agility with their dog, they want them healthy, they want to them swimming, they want a better-behaved dog.
o People love our theme and Class Styles! (KaRuffTe™, PoochItSu™, etc )
o Our one of kind K9 Treadspin class combines all the fun of a human style spin class but for dogs! On treadmills! (link)
o Dog agility is the fastest growing dog sport and it’s soooo much fun to do with your dog. (link)


• Working Is Just as Fun.

o Selling dog food, grooming dogs, kennel management, even veterinary medicine can’t compare with life at The Martial ARFS.
o Running agility courses, swimming in a heated pool, improve dog’s behavior, puppy class, tricks class, helping dogs heal.
o Halloween parties, Easter egg hunts, improving the lives of pets and their people.
o The Martial ARFS provides a one of a kind opportunity for anyone who wants to come on board.
o You’ll get to work with dogs that we all wanted to as a kid, except you’ll be an adult….. At least in age.


• Martial ARFS Trainers & Veterinary Advisory Board.

o Many daycares employ low-paid, unskilled workers that result in high turnover and subpar standards of animal care.
o The Martial ARFS has a expanding Veterinary Advisory Board ensuring the highest quality programs that are safe and effective.
o With decades of experience, our advisors develop protocol, train staff & safeguard the quality & effectiveness of our product.
o The Martial ARFS trainers are skilled teachers, coaches, and mentors.
o In addition they are high value associates that take pride in their performance and are passionate about their work.
o Many trainers equate or surpass veterinary technicians, in knowledge, skill set, pay scale, and dedication.


• Certification & Business Model.

o Lead by our team of Veterinary Advisors, The Martial ARFS has created a owner/trainer certification program.
o Our Program enables anyone with the dedication and desire to become a Martial ARFS certified trainer.
o Our program consists of studying canine behavior, physiology and muscle function, common surgical procedures.

o As well as rehabilitation-like protocols, proper conditioning and exercise execution, healthy weight and diet requirements.
o Just as important to our trainer certification process is our Martial ARFS facility business model training.
o Of all the canine certifications programs out there, none of them teach you to run a dog training business like The Martial ARFS.
o We created and streamlined the fun, fitness & behavior dog training business model and been doing it successfully for years now.
o We don’t just charge you for a behavior or fitness certification program so we can make money, we teach you how to recreate a successful Martial ARFS facility in your area, so you can succeed with a proven dog training business model!


• Revenue Streams.

The Martial ARFS offers revenue streams that are in accordance with what people look for in a service based business today. From private to group to online training, seminars, holiday parties, and a year-round pool party. Check out all our revenue streams here.