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The Martial ARFS™ Styles (Dog Training Classes)

The styles (classes) of The Martial ARFS™ represent the best in Agility, Fitness, Obedience & Disc Dog training for your dog. Though the names of our styles are quite clever in their creation, they’re not just cute names. Each Martial ARFS style incorporates exercises and activities categorized by their effectiveness at achieving the principles of any particular class. This enables us to create unique and unparalleled dog training classes.

PoochItSu™(Under 25lbs.)

Obedience, Exercise And Fun For Dogs Under 25lbs.


KaRuffTe™ (Obedience & Exercise)

Obedience & Exercise. For Improved Fitness & behavior.


PupKiDo™ (Puppy Class)

Puppy Manners, Socialization, Confidence, Desensitization & Physical Activity.


KravMuttGa™(Focus & Self-Control)

Focus & Self Control For Dogs Easily Distracted.


AikiFido™ (Distance & Distraction)

Advanced Obedience For a Desired Behavior Regardless of Distance or Distraction.


WoofShu™ (Private Lessons)

Private Lesson Training For Unique and Specific Behavioral Problems.


KemPooch™ (Command Sequences)

Advanced Training For Multiple Obedience Commands of 20, 30, 40 or more.


OtoriFido™ (Lure Coursing)

A system of pullies that simulate the unpredictability of chasing live prey!


Dog Agility Training, Injury Prevention & Advanced Physical Conditioning.


K9 TreadSpin™ (Spin Style Treadmill Class)

Treadmill Conditioning & Advanced Coordination For Your Dog.



Disc Dog Training, Injury Prevention & Advanced Physical Conditioning.

NinShihTzu™ (Trick Training)

The Most Amazing Trick Training For a Fun way to Better Behavior.


Fido Tsunahiki™ (Tug-Of-War & Drive Building)

Tug Class For Drive Building, Exercise, & Improved Behavior.


Mixed Martial ARFS™

Martial ARFS classes that incorporate workouts for both dogs & owners.


K9 Kohdo™

Scent Discrimination & Tracking.



Physical Activity For & Senior, Arthritic, Obese or Physical Limited Dogs.