dog doing pushups
The Martial ARFS™ For Injury Prevention & Improved Performance (Advanced KaRuffTe™)

Physical competition on any level requires proper conditioning to help improve performance. Though any exercise will help improve strength or conditioning, targeting the specific muscles dedicated to the movements involved with a given sport, will achieve the greatest results. Therefore, we use exercises designed to mimic as closely as possible the actions of your sport, however, under the controlled execution of the training routine.


In addition, a poorly conditioned canine athlete is more susceptible to muscle strains due to unbalanced strength and ligament tears due to instability and weakness in the limbs. The repeated jumping in canine sports applies tremendous concussive force to a dog’s joints. For sports or any intense physical activity, strengthening the joint & spine stabilizers are paramount. This will allow for these muscles to absorb the shock of running and jumping instead of the joints or spine itself.


Read more about injury prevention in canine athletes and an explanation of the exercise above on our blog.


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