The Martial ARFS™ For Lure Coursing (OtoriFido™)

Lure coursing is a system of mechanized lures and pulleys that simulate the unpredictability of chasing live prey as your dog pursues an artificial lure zigzagging across an open field or an enclosed room.


The Martial ARFS Lure Coursing classes teach more than just how to chase a feathery object around the room. Lure Coursing can provide an outlet for dogs that love to chase. It can improve speed, quickness and stamina for agility dogs or dogs that participate in other canine sports. And it can teach a dog who recklessly chases anything how to ignore that pesky squirrel or only chase it when told to do so.


Like so many other activities at The Martial ARFS™ we take the basic concept of a fun and exciting activity and apply the principles of obedience and conditioning in order to provide an exciting and physical activity that will help improve both the health and behavior of your pet, while strengthening the bond between you.


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