The Martial ARFS™ Heated Indoor Saltwater Pool For Dogs

The benefits of swimming your dog are well known. However, until now finding a place on Long Island to swim your dog in a safe indoor environment was impossible. The Martial ARFS™ Dog Training and Fitness Center has Long Island's best heated indoor saltwater pool for your dog.


Our 10ft x 18ft pool is equipped with heat capability for year-round swimming, a salt water system to minimize the skin irritation and damage to fur that comes from chlorinated pools, and benches for walking, jumping, or for beginner dogs that are not yet accustomed to swimming in a pool, and an underwater camera system for videos you can share with friends, family, or your veterinarian, you won't find a better indoor dog pool (or any dog pool for that matter) anywhere on Long Island!!


In addition to just swimming, at The Martial ARFS we can incorporate our advanced balance, coordination, conditioning drills, sport specific drills right in the pool to create a more intense workout or improve your dog's athletic performance. We call it Open Water Exercise (OWE) or Aquatic Conditioning. Your can read our blog post 8 Reasons To Exercise Your Dog In A Pool.


So whether you're looking to help your dog lose weight, improve their strength or cardiovascular conditioning, increase range of motion, provide an activity for dogs with arthritis, hip dysplasia, poor mobility, have had previous surgery, increase your dog's athletic performance, or just simply give them a fun activity because they love to swim. You'll be hard pressed to find anywhere else like us!


Martial ARFS™ TaiPoochi Pool (15min) Session Prices:


One Time TaiPoochi Pool Evaluation $50


(6) 15 Min Sessions =$210 = $35 Per Session (Exp.2 Mo)

(12) 15 Min Sessions = $360 = $30 Per Session (Exp. 4 Mo)


Click here or call us at 1.516.280.8331 and reserve your dog's place in our pool today