The Martial ARFS™ For Indoor Dog Treadmill Fitness

Your daily walks for exercise simply doesn't work. The average person walks between 1.5 & 3mph. A 20lb dog that walks at 4mph only burns 64 calories in 60 minutes. If you combine that with constant sniffing, treating, and bathroom breaks during your walk, your dog comes back from their daily walk weighing more than when they left.


Our specifically designed seven DogTread® treadmills allow you to do something that your daily walks do not do: exercise your dog. You can set the pace, time, and or distance based on the needs of your dog. They're great for weight loss, excess energy, any-weather walks/runs, isolation of forelimbs or hindlimbs exercises, as well as working different muscle groups such as adductors and abductors. You can add coordination, stability and obedience exercises as well. We even offer an exclusive “Spin” style treadmill class for dogs. With great music and all! 


So whether you're looking to help your dog lose weight, improve strength or cardiovascular conditioning, or just simply give them a fun work-out, you won't find another dog training or fitness facility on Long Island like us!


Martial ARFS™ (45 min) Treadmill Condtitioning Sessions:

1 - (Unassisted) Sessions = $25 Per Session (Exp. 1 Mo.)


1 Month (Unassisted) Sessions = $175 (Per Session, It's Up To You!) (Exp. 1 Mo.)


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