The Martial ARFS™ For Positive Interaction Between Your Dog & Child, Toddler or Baby

The Martial ARFS™ is proud to offer one of the most comprehensive toddler/baby and dog interaction and safety courses available. Jeris Pugh, owner of 2 dogs and Father to a 3 yr old toddler and a 1 year old baby, has worked with his own dogs to prevent many of the common behavioral problems and situations associated with the arrival of a newborn baby and transition to toddler.


For many of us our dogs are like our children. However, when we are going through the process of pregnancy, or bringing home a newborn or toddler, our pets can become confused, feel neglected, and act out. It can be as difficult of a time for them as everyone else. It is up to us as owners to help our pets make this transition smoothly and safely. The Martial ARFS has a comprehensive Newborn Preparation program so that all members of the family can enjoy the arrival of a newborn


But soon after we bring home our newborn, in what seems like a blink of an eye, they quickly become bountiful, energy filled, free wheeling toddlers. Bringing home a dog or puppy to a house with children or toddlers can be challenging as well and without proper training, guidance and supervision behavioral problems can end up being dangerous. Out of 431 analyzed dog bit cases, 79% of victims were children under the age of 12. Children under the age of one year accounted for the highest number of dog bite fatalities at 19%, and the group with the 2nd highest number of fatalities was 2 year olds at 11%


Just because your dog might appear to love your overzealous, space-invading, mouth-prying, ear-pulling, head-patting child or toddler doesn't mean they actually do. So in addition to Newborn Preparation, The Martial ARFS has an extensive baby/toddler and dog interaction and safety program that keeps all members of the family happy, healthy and well behaved.


Jeris' knowledge and expertise has been featured in various articles: 20 Tips for Introducing Your Dog to Your Newborn Baby How to Keep Baby Toys and Dog Toys in the Right Hands — and Paws
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