lab doing pushup
The Martial ARFS™ For Fun Physical Activities (KaRuffTe™)(PoochItSu™ 25lbs & Under)

Our Dog Training & Fitness classes incorporate fun physical activities while improving their behavior at the same time. Unlike the dog park or doggie day care, we don’t just have dogs running around all day. During class you will guide your dog through safe but fun exercises and activities from competitive canine sports like Frisbee, flyball, and agility, while incorporating basic obedience training.


While working commands like, "sit", "stay", "off", "come", "down" and "leave it" classes incorporate challenging balance and coordination exercises using canine stability equipment and DOG AGILITY obstacles. This ensures your dog will be BOTH Physically & Mentally improved with their behavior. These classes are not just fun, they provide training like nothing else.


Click here or call us at 1-516-280-8331 to schedule a private introductory evaluation for your dog in order to keep them healthy, fit and improve their behavior!