dog catching frisbee
The Martial ARFS™ For Disc Dog Training (CaPawEra™)

Disc Dog (Canine Frisbee) is an exciting aerial dog sport where dogs and their owners compete in events such as distance catching and partially choreographed freestyle catching. The sport takes skill in throwing the Frisbee as well as canine athletic ability for jumping, twisting, turning & catching the disc.


In addition, traditional obedience commands are built into the very fabric of Disc Dog training. Sit, Stay, Come, Drop, Fetch, Roll, Up, Off are just a few of the commands your "Disc Dog" will learn in Frisbee class. In truth, disc dog is just an obedience class that uses the Frisbee as the reward for the behaviors that you're requesting!


The Martial ARFS disc dog classes teach more than just the techniques to excel in this sport. We take our basic conditioning principles and apply them directly to teaching you and your dog Frisbee. We use exercises that are designed to mimic as closely as possible the actual movements of Disc Dog, however, under the controlled execution of the training routine. The balance and coordination from training on unstable surfaces removes the FEAR and hesitation many dogs have for THE BODY BALANCES and VAULTS that make for an exciting canine disc freestyle routine.


If you have a dog that loves to chase a frisbee, why not use it to teach them obedience at the same time! It's so much more fun and exciting for you both!


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