The Martial ARFS™ For A Career Of A Lifetime
The Martial ARFS™ Employment Opportunities

The Martial ARFS™ Dog Training and Fitness Center is one of Long Island's fastest growing pet businesses.Our unique services offer owners and their canine companions the opportunity to build a strong bond. Through health, behavior, canine sports services, and pet products, we provide dogs and owners a one of kind experience that keeps them coming back again and again. We're offering unique opportunities for people to join our team by offering the only Dog Trainer Training & Certification Program that immediately provides job placement within our company upon completion.


Veterinary Advisors & Staff Trainer Training

Our veterinary advisors have over seen the creation of procedures and protocols for teaching obedience, dog sports, behavior modification, health & fitness, therapeutic swimming and physical conditioning exercises. As a benefit to working at The Martial ARFS all staff receive trainer training on the most up to date techniques and methods as well as access to the protocols and procedure design by our advisors.


Personnel Qualification & Job Description Highlights:

Becoming a part of this exciting environment requires someone with a diverse set of skills. Someone with the composure and personality of a team player while meeting the demands of clients and their pets in this challenging, fast-paced, dynamic, and fun environment. As a Martial ARFS Dog Trainer and Pet Professional, you're responsible for a hands on lead by example approach to governing a one of kind experience for owners and their pets.


• Be eager and willing to learn a multitude of basic & advanced positive dog-training techniques for obedience training, as well as develop an extensive knowledge in canine physiology, exercise physiology, canine conditioning/rehabilitation, and popular dog sports.
• Be well spoken, out going, hard working, enthusiastic, motivated, and have the desire to improve both the health & behavior of dogs

• Enjoy working with both Dogs And People with the ability to coach, encourage, inspire and motivate owners and their dogs
• Assist, promote, conduct and instruct group classes, private lessons, aquatic sessions, treadmill fitness training.
• Effectively deliver formal presentations and speak in front of large audiences.
• Represent The Martial ARFS™ at informational booths & demonstrations during off site events.
• Ensure clients receive the highest quality service in a clean, safe and welcoming environment.

• Learn to represent the expertise, knowledge and health conscious philosophy of The Martial ARFS™
• Learn to exemplify The Martial ARFS™ culture and values in all communications and interactions.
• Learn to manage business operations including, answering phones, checking in clients, selling merchandise, scheduling appointments, sign up new clientele, daily cleaning etc….


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