man training a blind dog
The Martial ARFS™ For Dog With Injuries or Disabilities. (TaiPoochi™)

In order to recover from any injury or trauma to your canine companion or sporting dog, medical treatment and rehabilitation under the watchful eye of a veterinarian are paramount. However, though recovered, your dog's performance or function might not be back to where they used to be or you have a disabled dog that might never get back to what they used to be. The Martial ARFS canine conditioning classes can take over where rehabilitation left off, or just work to keep your disabled dog moving for as long as possible.  We use exercises, activities & protocol pulled directly from Canine Rehabilitation by our Rehabilitation & Emergency Veterinarian advisor (Eve Pugh DVM, CVA, CCRP) and taught to our staff.


In addition, we offer a therapeutic, indoor heated pool with a mild current for low resistance high intensity exercise, land treadmills for slow controlled walking or isolation of hind or forelimbs or isolating the hind or forelimbs, and enough canine conditioning equipment to create any exercise necessary to strengthen your dog's limbs, joints or spine. The Martial ARFS will help you get your sporting dog or canine companion physically balanced, strong, and back to the long walks, hikes, or competitions that you both are used to doing!


Click here or call 1-516-280-8331 to schedule a private introductory class for your injured or disabled dog so we can help you continue where canine rehabilitation left off.


***The Martial ARFS Dog Training & Fitness Center is not a Veterinary Clinic or Canine Rehabilitation Facility. We do not and are not licensed to diagnose or treat dogs with injuries or trauma and there is no veterinarian on staff at the facility.***