man training a blind dog
The Martial ARFS™ For Blind/Deaf Dogs (TaiPoochi™)

All dogs need physically and mentally challenging activities to be happy and healthy. Exciting activities like Dog Agility and Disc Dog are impossible for blind dogs and quite often, even typical obedience classes are not an option. Dogs stricken both blind and deaf have even fewer fun activities and are often restricted to just leash walking for physical activity.


The Martial ARFS™ provides exciting dog training classes with challenging activities for all types of dogs, young, old, obese, athletic, arthritic or blind. For blind/deaf dogs, our activities and exercises give them a better understanding of where their body, limbs and feet are in space. This improved body awareness will give them the confidence and the ability to move more comfortably about their surroundings. In addition, the physical activities will improve their overall health, so they can continue to reap the benefits of The Martial ARFS™ for many years to come.


Click here or call 1-516-280-8331 to schedule a private introductory class for your deaf or blind dog so that you can start improving their quality of life today!