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The celebrations of the holiday season should be a joyful time for all members of the family. However, large gatherings, holiday feasts, common decorations and seasonal plants can be extremely hazardous to pets, especially dogs. Having the ability to protect, recognize, or tend to your pet, during an emergency, even if it’s just on the way to a veterinarian, can save your pet’s life.

This FREE, potentially life saving class will be held Wednesday November 19th 2014 from 7:30pm-9:30pm and is a must for pet owners looking to prevent or keep their pet safe in an emergency.

Safety Topics include:
Preventing The Most Common Holiday Related Emergencies & Accidents Preparing a First Aid Kit, Performing Canine CPR, Proper Bandaging & Splinting Handling Cold Weather Emergencies Such As Hyperthermia, Frostbite & Others


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Emergency veterinarian Eve Pugh DVM, CVA will offer her 17 years of experience, knowledge and expertise for a one of a kind hands on Canine First Aid and CPR Workshop. She will be on hand to teach life-saving first-aid techniques, similar to ones she uses in everyday emergency situations.


Unlike most Pet First Aid seminars presenters, Dr. Pugh is the person pet owners would actually end up paying thousands of dollars to save the lives of their pets. You will be working on your own dog in order to learn how to restrain, calm & administer first aid or CPR which can be the difference between them living or dying.


"I've tried to coach pet owner on how the administer CPR or First Aid while on the way to the emergency clinic. However, pet owners emotions are high and their dog might not like being handled a certain way. With out practicing First Aid & CPR on their own pet, it migth end up being useless." Dr. Eve Pugh DVM, CVA


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